Carta de Nicaragua 10: A prolonged intermission

Eh-em, I’m still here!

Every day is a good hair day - no matter what you think 🙂

Ok, so just before Christmas I started writing about the ‘little acorns’ that’s still in the process of being scripted. But in the meantime I’ve been to Jamaica and back and that needs to be shared too.  Someone new has subscribed to my blog and I feel bad because I haven’t even offered any new words. I’m even getting new Twitter followers and I’m barely on it.

War and Peace, the extended version
You know me, I’m a bit wordy. This was meant to be a blog-ette but is now a good one-thousand words. My things-to-do-list now makes War and Peace look like half a novella – and that was before talk of teaching English to a local business man’s child, writing a newspaper column or sharing yoga classes – I say ‘sharing’ because I’m not a teacher …yet!

Love is in the air
I’m sitting in an internet cafe admiring the ants. They are teeny weeny things and they move like crazy in a zig-zaggy fashion. If you’ve been to the Caribbean you’ll know what I’m talking about. It wasn’t always love. I didn’t like them when I first got here. However, today, I caught myself thinking how cute they are. They get everywhere and I suspect I may have eaten a few. I now know the secret to Usain Bolt’s speed. Though, I wonder why these little creatures are so lairy?

Eddy with teacher Tamara ahead of the Noughts and Crosses Competition

The reason I haven’t been writing is because I’m still in search of balance: I’m either writing lots and not practising yoga or practising lots of yoga and not writing. Right now I’m practising lots of yoga but focusing on the children and coming up with tasks to help them with their Spanish and Mathematics. I’ve been spending three or four hours each day on class preparation. The Multiplication Tables game – getting the children to read the tables as quickly as possible pitting one student against the other and splitting the class into two teams has been a real success. One timid little girl has turned out to be the star of the show and is no longer quite so timid which is wonderful to see. They still don’t know their tables but they’re gaining confidence in speaking in front of their peers and having fun. I managed to captivate them with a mini chat about the importance of who, what, where, when, why, how. And, yesterday I could have cried for the hard work of one little boy, Eddy. He’s described as argumentative, he has a short temper and was suspended for hitting a little girl in the class. I do not excuse his behaviour but I know that inside there’s a lot of potential and a wonderful, loveable, inquisitive little boy. So, yesterday when they had to write a few sentences based on who, what, where, why etc he wrote a fabulous short story. What an imagination! I chat to him sometimes about not letting other people/children get to him – I’d better have another talk since he had a bust up with another little girl in class when they were paired up for a Noughts and Crosses competition! Whoops!

What are you afraid of?
I’ve been on many yoga holidays and without fail I meet a bunch of amazing, beautiful and inspiring people. On the last holiday, which was in Umbria/Tuscany, I met a lovely woman called Claire who mentioned that a teacher had whispered “what are you afraid of” when she was in the back bend from Half Moon. It made me think: what am I afraid of? It’s been one of my many mantras ever since. I don’t always have an answer but it does mean that I can think about what’s stopping me from doing something and question whether it’s a valid reason or just an excuse. My adage is: there are no reasons, only excuses. A friend said she couldn’t do what I’m doing because of her teenage daughter – I think travel would be wonderful, rewarding and life-changing for them both.

♫ Michael Briscoe, Farewell
I started the year with a few things on my mind, a few decisions to be made. What am I afraid of? I certainly couldn’t complain about 2011 – even the bad times. On New Year’s Eve, from Jamaica I wrote:

“No complaints about 2011: I set my intention, I ignored the critics, the detractors and the moaners. I only mingled with the good folk and I went forth and had a good time. I only looked on the bright side even when things seemed bleak. I stuck to my favourite mantras: ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live for ever,’ ‘It’s never too late, it’s never too bad, and you’re never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again.‘ So for 2012 it’s the same ole same ole but cranked up some more. My resolution? Inspire and be inspired at every opportunity. Just in case I’m not online when you hit 0000 01.01.2012: HAPPY NEW YEAR. ¡FELIZ AÑO! From JA with love ♥ “

I had lots of ‘likes’ and comments, among them one from Michael Briscoe who said: “I admire you so much Lynda.” I ticked ‘like’ on his comment and was going to write back but never got around to it. Mike died suddenly on 4th January, just four days later and only 16 weeks since I’d last seen him.

Michael Briscoe, who died 4th January 2012 with his wife Laura by his side

His wife was with him and he was where he wanted to be – in Spain, doing what he wanted to do – enjoying his retirement having left the UK behind some years before. An Inspiration. What’s holding you back?

Decision Made
Today, on FB I wrote:

“The Lyndaloo Honey I’m Home Tour is being delayed until October 2012. However, there will be a Lyndaloo Peekaboo Catch Me if You Can Thingy-ma-jig in London during the first two weeks of April 2012. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. From Nica with love ♥ “

Let’s face it, I knew on 28th September 2012 when I stepped outside of Managua Airport that Nicaragua had got a hold on me. What was I afraid of? I asked myself again when Mike passed away.

In memory of Michael Briscoe
24 October 1946 – 4 January 2012

Next time:
From JA with love: roots, no rock, and not enough reggae.

To be continued…


About lyndacuba

"Who am I? Why am I here? You're asking, I'm asking. Tired of all the moaning around me, tired of waiting for something to happen, I decided that I couldn't just let life pass me by. It occurred to me that if I could help a single person, that act could change the outcome of an entire community for the better. I want to matter. I want to make a difference. I've chosen Nicaragua." That was 2011 - this is 2018. I'm researching for a Doctorate of Education Creative and Media aka an Ed D. Those early questions are still as important in 2018 as they were in 2011. The Chicassos of 2017 now come with the BlackademicUK tag.
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8 Responses to Carta de Nicaragua 10: A prolonged intermission

  1. says:

    lydia! i enjoy so much to read your blog! you dont know me at all!
    i am going to el salvador for the first time next week and wish u could come over and meet me and my boyfriend!! i am american but my mother is from el salvadpr…i live in melbourne, australia and have been traveling around the world for 10 years so always have restless feet and curious about everywhere else!!
    i am a yoga teacher who is committed to her bikram so also curious about trying yoga in el salvador!
    if u have time, lets meet!!
    i know that probably sounds crazy but life is short!!
    keep up your wonderful blog!

  2. devon says:

    forgive me to get your name wrong–terrible impression huh!!!

    forgive me lynda!!

    • lyndacuba says:

      Hahaha! I actually love the name Lydia! I self-practice with recordings since the nearest Bikram studio is in Costa Rica, I believe. You should visit Nicaragua. It’s about $40 on the Tica bus and takes about 10 hours! What type of yoga do you teach?

    • devon says:

      lynda may i ask you to please delete my post if you can?

  3. Glad to see that ‘From Nica with love’ is up and running again, I missed you over the holidays. You truly are an inspiration hun and I love your mantras. I’m following in your bold foot steps and trying something new for 2012 – I start my MA course next week!!!

  4. CARMEN says:

    Buenos días.

    No se si me recordarás. Soy Carmen, la española que compartio contigo su corta estancia en Granada (Nicaragua), pero sin embargo, fue una esperiencia intensa, donde vivimos muchas situaciones, que me permitieron encontrar una buena amiga como tu.

    Cuentame que estás haciendo ahora. ¿Aún te encuentras en Nicaragua o bien has regresadoi a UK?. Sabes que tienes una cita con España, donde te esperamos para vernos. Deseo que no hayas olvidado que quedamos en vernos, a tu regreso a Europa.
    Un beso. Espero tu respuesta.
    Carmen (Tu compañera y amiga)

    • lyndacuba says:

      Hola Carmen! Te envié un email haces meses. Parece que no lo has recibido. Te inviaré otro. Si sigo trabjando aquí en Nicaragua con los niños. Un beso fnwl♥

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