Carta de Nicaragua 16: LyndalooBook – the second quarter

Yoohoo! Here’s part two 🙂

So three months radically edited produced almost two thousands words! My friend Jemimah was right, there was enough in my FB updates to write a book (not a very interesting one, but a book of many words, indeed).

I thought it would be as easy as cutting and pasting but I still haven’t got the hang of blogging. Nothing seems so straight forward and hours later I’m not very further forward.

Anyway, part two takes us from January to March. Remember, I was originally going to end my time in Nicaragua on 28th March 2012 after six months out of the UK but… nothing goes according to plan. 

January 2012
3rd: It’s only day three of 2012 and already my things-to-do-list looks like an extended version of War and Peace. So many lovely things happened today: a card from Louise in Australia, a man on the way to school who thought I was a Nica from the Costa Caribe and getting a step closer to solving the Hetty Daffodil FedEx parcel mystery.

5th Jan: Sending my love and thoughts to LB. I’m shocked and saddened at the sudden death of dear Mike Briscoe. I was able to catch up with him before coming out to Nicaragua and he and Laura showed the greatest hospitality and kindness. Bless you Mike.

19th: Summer School, Nicaragua 2012 – full of surprises. Loving the children more and more each day – especially the ones who at first seemed “hard to love.” ♥

What, Marilyn Monroe was a blonde? Are you sure 😉

24th: Back in the UK I am prone to patting myself on the back. Why not? No harm done, I say. Here in Nicaragua I consider that kind of behaviour somewhat excessive. Why? Because people here are full of thanks and praise. A Nicaraguan paper is interested in my little articles – I think it’s the same one interested in a monthly column. So today, I’m going to indulge myself 😀 *pats self on back furiously causing excessive wind release*

28th: Just back from Managua, Managua, Managua, Managuaaaaaaaaa. I like the place despite the criticisms and the threat of death when darkness falls. Next step on the things to do list is nightclubbing in Managua, Managua, Managua, Managuaaaaaaaaa!

February 2012
1st: Of all the jobs at London 2012 GamesMaker they’re considering me for a driving job! *rolls eyes* I can’t imagine what part of my application/interview indicated I wanted to drive anyone anywhere in London – what, with my great sense of direction!

Last day of summer school February 2012 – goodie-boxes for all the children

3rd: What’s on my mind? That my little children got home safely with their treasure boxes of goodies. (Just leapt from a mini evening siesta with alarming visions of them being attacked by munchkin bandits). That something good will become of each and every one of them. That they’ll be inspired to learn. That they’ll be the very best that they can be. If I could just fast-forward to see where the future takes them… just to be sure 🙂

9th: Me versus the neighbour. Her: some religious recording which she tortures us with daily from 0545. Me: Sean Paul – heaaaavy daaaaaancehall fnwl ♥

25th: I’ve discovered a new disease it’s called I’m-just-popping-out-for-a-second-it is and results in the victim/casualty/me not returning home for several hours or even days after leaving the house. The most extreme version was the 3-hour/3-buses journey to the beach after the nightclub at 6am! Then there was the time when I popped out for half an hour and arrived home 3 nightclubs later and half an hour after my alarm should have gone off. Today, I just popped out to the shops. I got back six hours later after a meeting a woman in the street, having a conversation about where to get better value eggs, giving her daughter an English lesson, being given a homemade remedy (vodka and honey) for my cough, followed by lunch. Nica-living fnwl♥ Is it no wonder I don’t have time to write up my blog 😉

March 2012

Our photoshoot for Anna Krantz

3rd: The nightclub in Managua was so cold I thought I was in Newcastle, England – that is to say: in sub-zero temperatures surrounded by a load of crazy near-naked women and sleeveless men who really should have been wearing several layers. Brrrrrrrr.
My friend Anna Krantz asked if I could take a photo of the children with the words: The Rubble and the Dust. One photo became 46 (a bit like my words – far from brief)

14th: Lynda911 Rescue Services and in overdrive today. The nurse appeared with NEEDLES. There were tears galore. I handed out kisses and cuddles like they were going out of fashion. Darling Valeria is currently looking through film scripts following amateur dramatics like I’ve never seen. We need to find a new word for HYSTERIA. She started crying an hour before there was a sign of a needle but the rumour mills were running. She had to be restrained when it came to giving her the tetanus jab. Heavens! There were also tears from Laura, Maria Belén and a number of others. The boys on the whole were very brave 🙂 fnwl ♥

22nd: A crowd gathered as I hung out my washing in the Nicaragua’s garden. Actually, the ‘crowd’ was made up of three children. “Do you know the girl who lives over there,” they asked pointing in an over-there-ly way. I asked Mr Nicaragua, who shrugged his shoulders, since I certainly don’t know the girl who lives ‘over there’. “She’s Costeña”, they said – meaning she’s from the Caribbean coast. “It’s a big place,” I said. “Are you Costeña?” They asked. “Are you African?” Asked one little boy, hopefully. “I’m English,” I said. There was a palpable downturn in Nicaragua’s collective mood. You should have seen the look of disappointment on their faces as they sloped off. fnwl♥

To be continued…

About Lynda

"Who am I? Why am I here? You're asking, I'm asking. Tired of all the moaning around me, tired of waiting for something to happen, I decided that I couldn't just let life pass me by. It occurred to me that if I could help a single person, that act could change the outcome of an entire community for the better. I want to matter. I want to make a difference. I've chosen Nicaragua." That was 2011 - this is 2021. I'm researching for a Doctorate of Education Creative and Media aka an Ed D. Those early questions are still as important in 2021 as they were in 2011. The Chicassos of 2017 now come with the BlackademicUK tag.
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